How To Redeem Points

How do customers redeem their points?

Customers can see their point balance and redeem their points by visiting your website, signing into their account, and opening the Points Tab. When they open the tab, they will see a 'Rewards' section or the option to 'Spend Your Points :

If they click on this option or click on 'Rewards', they will see all of the rewards that you offer in your rewards program. When they hover over each reward, they will see each reward that they are currently eligible to redeem.

Once they have decided which reward they want to use, they will click on the 'Redeem' button.

The system will generate a coupon code for them to use, which will be displayed on the screen for your customers. The code will also be sent to their email as well.

If they still need more points for a reward, the option will be grayed out and it will show them how many points they still need to earn before they can redeem for that reward.

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